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Daily Devotional

Two Ways

How often do we follow those who think themselves so wise

Who hide the truth about themselves from other prying eyes

Who put on form and fashion as though like them we should be

While hiding deep within their souls some dark iniquity

How often do we rush to hear some famous person speak

While passing opportunities that God would have us seek

To help a wayward hurting soul who really in disguise

Is Jesus holding out His hand to offer us the prize

That's given those who seek Him first who care not for the ways

The world says we should live our lives in these uncertain days

When voices all around us try to push their way to go

When of a truth the one sure Way they do not even know

The Way that is so obvious to those who read God's Word

Who set aside that golden time when only can be heard

The voice of His sweet Spirit giving light for us to see

The dangers and the pitfalls that attend prosperity

But also to see blessings we might gain from what we share

From all the words and actions in our lives that show we care

Not for the gain of riches like so many here today

But for the gain of children who might find the Living Way

Who also is the Living Truth on which we can depend

Who will not leave us in the dark in Whom we have a Friend

Who's walked the path that we must walk and knows the pain we feel

But also Who has promised us the sureness of His seal

That grants us Life eternal which He is for those who pray

Who by His grace through living faith accept the Price He paid

And want more than the things of earth the Kingdom He's prepared

That's found in small important parts of truth His people share

To lead souls to the Saviour to the One Who knows us best

The One in Whom we're promised that eternity of rest

From all the traps of Satan and the ones that do his will

Who yearn for recognition with a heart that's never filled

So Christian if you've heard the call to follow someone new

To live your life as they would live and do as they would do

Remember you've already One in Whom you do reside

Who's promised you a place with Him in Glory by His side

Jeremiah 17:5-10; Hebrews 13:1-2; John 14:1-6

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