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Daily Devotional


A very special blessing is in store for those who wait

Upon the will and timing of the One Who holds our fate

Who watches o'er us daily in the path He'd have us go

Who sees beyond the present to the future He does know

A blessing with the facets like a diamond one might see

With each another blessing that He grants to you and me

The blessing first in waiting where one's faith is exercised

Another in the seeing that our God is not surprised

And then the realization that the thing we wanted most

Is less than what He's wanting in the ones who are to host

Those times of prayer and fellowship where others learn of Him

And all the Father has in store in time to give to them

That meet their need each moment from the start of everyday

Fulfilling their desire oft before they stop to pray

And showing those around them that God's promises are true

As they can see reflections of His grace in all they do

Like one long chain of blessings that extend through all who see

The hand of God that's working to ensure our destiny

Is life with Him eternal with a place beside his throne

That place that has been promised for the ones who are His own

Because in truth all blessings really are to work that way

Preparing us to treasure everything the scriptures say

Belong to those Who love Him who first knew His love before

And could not here imagine they could want for something more

Than to be in His presence where they'll hear the Father say

Well done My true and faithful for the price you had to pay

In standing firm upon My Word when all that you could see

Was evil circumstances fostered by the enemy But you chose to be faithful to the promise you had made

The promise to be like My Son and to the Price We paid

To purchase your salvation in the Kingdom you will see

That will be yours forever for the love you have for Me

And will by endless blessing be the place where you reside

With all the other people who will stand there by your side

Who only came to be there through the witness that you gave

While waiting on the blessings for the faithful and the brave

Genesis 12:1-3; 22:17-18; Deuteronomy 11:26-28; Proverbs 10:21-22; Psalm 21; Revelation 5:9-10

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