Daily Devotional


Oh why are we so faithless when we have so much to learn

When God's most holy Presence is in every page we turn

That is His Holy Scriptures He inspired before men

To give to us the Light of Life that saves us from our sin

You see it's very simple what God wants us most to know

How He can plant the seed of Truth and then make it to grow

And flourish for His Kingdom sharing Truth and life with them

Who will accept that vision that alone can come from Him

That vision of a new life in a place we've never been

Where bathed in His great glory in this place we've never seen

Our hearts will thrill with wonder like our parent's did before

As they surveyed the garden and the work God made them for

The work of being like Him to the creatures He had made

In all their interactions in the garden where they stayed

Providing love and comfort in the touch and voice to them

Reflective of their Maker as they lived in love with Him

And as through their discovery they saw more than we know

Through their blessed capability how tiny seeds do grow

They saw too how perfection in themselves could grow like Him

Who made them in His image to be one in love with them

One as it is our privilege even though we've lost our way

And through our self-indulgence led so many souls astray

Who like us have a calling to be one with Him again

One through His blood and sacrifice that cleanses us from sin

And starts us on a journey born again in Christ anew

Restoring us to glory if we do as Christ would do

In every application in the path we walk each day

Attentive to God's scriptures and the things He has to say

That share with us His message we in turn must share as well

As filled with His sweet Spirit we share all we have to tell

Of that He has to share with us each moment that we spend

Enveloped in His scriptures where His blessings never end

But mold in us His image that will live eternally

That starts today indwelling us the more that we can see

The beauty of His Presence that no one has seen before

Displayed within His scriptures with His Son that we adore

Matthew 13:51-52; Revelation 21:1-4; John 5:39


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