Daily Devotional

Our Defense

Without the perfect presence of the Lamb of Calvary

No one could stand in judgement with the hope of God's mercy

No one would have an Offering to bear in sacrifice

The guilt and condemnation of our sinfulness and vice

But there for this defendant stands the One Who died for me

The One Who rose again to life and raised captivity

To give to us assurance of His power over death

And of the resurrection when He comes to raise the rest

Whom now He is defending in the court of God above

As He cries, “here my Father through the virtue of My Blood

Is yet another child of Mine who's put his trust in Me

And who by grace through living faith deserves eternity

As one with us in Glory where the saints of God will shine

Where all will wear those perfect robes as proof that they are Mine

Where those with sin once branded will receive another name

Reflective of their character that like Me is the same

In how they live to share Me with the ones that would be Mine

The ones they daily chance to meet they could not leave behind

But rather seek an avenue through which to share Our love

To point them from their harried past to what We have above”

That's waiting now in readiness in mansions pure and white

Along the golden streets that cross that City bathed in light

Where only praise and glory will be known by the redeemed

Who daily walk in paths of light with Him they have esteemed

For now is our redemption now is when we must prepare

To show through our confession to the world how much we care

And want to be like Jesus Who gave all He could for us

In sacrifice upon the cross that we in Him could trust

That now as He stands pleading in behalf of you and me

And shines His light on scriptures that He knows we need to see

We must with firm commitment seek what He would have us find

And there receive the seal of Truth that leaves the past behind

And molds in us His image fashions us to be like Him

To lift the faint and fallen to the life He's made for them

That all might come together who've embraced His victory

As one with Him forever to rejoice eternally

Revelation 5; 2;17; John 14:1-3


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