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Daily Devotional

The Sanctuary

The fullness of the Father's love we've yet to comprehend

That mystery of Godliness that chose to condescend

To be one with humanity and live as One with us

Is where we need to focus most to give to God our trust

For if we choose to know Him as the God He truly is

The God Who sacrificed His all in love to give us this

Great time of our probation while His Kingdom we might choose

We'd surely do our very best to see that we'd not lose

One single opportunity to share His love in kind

To share the Light of living Truth to save the dead and blind

Those dead still in their trespasses who've not been told the truth

And those still blinded by the things they've learned from early youth

That block the glorious Gospel as it is in Christ today

The Gospel laid out like a cross to take our sins away

From Sacrifice to cleansing to provision for our needs

To light from God's pure Spirit to the grace that intercedes

Before that throne eternal where the Father sits in love

Observing and directing all creation from above

Where soon the saints will gather who have learned to follow well

The One Who is our Shepherd Who does more than we can tell

As now while we're still waiting for our time on earth to end

He stands before the Judgment bar as Lawyer Judge and Friend

Defending us in honor who are trusting in His plan

To offer up His precious blood the God Who's also man

And will through all eternity still bear the flesh we'll bear

And in that flesh still bear the scars that prove the Father's care

For every child that's fallen from perfection to disgrace

To make them one in Jesus Who now stands before His face

And works for our redemption Father Son and Holy Ghost

Still giving every moment what we need to help the most

In making us His channels of His love to all the world

Like banners of His Kingdom to be opened and unfurled

For all to see and recognize as children of the King

Who soon will come to earth again as anthems we will sing

Of how His grace delivered us who gave to Him our all

Who gave and gives His all today in answer to our call

Psalm 91; 77:13

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