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Daily Devotional

Ignorance Has No Excuse

If in your blissful ignorance you choose to take a path

That leads from heaven's hope of life to God's vindictive wrath

Don't curse the Light you chose to leave for others to embrace

When given opportunity to learn about God's grace

For many think that ignorance will cover what they've done

The sins that they've committed that condemned God's only Son

And think not knowing will provide a golden avenue

As their excuse to not forsake the sinful things they do

But those who've heard the gospel just a little in the past

Have by their introduction been invited to the task

Of seeking even deeper into all that God has done

To grant to us salvation through the Gift of His dear Son

The Gift we cannot comprehend no matter how we try

No matter how we seek and pray and in our anguish cry

For what God did that fateful day on Calvary long ago

Will always be a mystery that only God will know

But though in depth a mystery we cannot comprehend

The bulk of what was done for us on which we must depend

Is clearly there for us to learn upon those pages white

To draw us from the darkness to the love that is God's Light

That fashions us for heaven in our place beside His throne

Where by His grace through living faith in Him we make our own

Inheritance in glory where the saints of God will shine

Where every sin we've ever done by blood is left behind

That blood that flowed on Calvary to prove God's Law was real

Based on immutability and not the way we feel

The Standard of His righteousness foundation of His throne

Embraced by all who choose to make Christ's character their own

Because they see that ignorance is not at all their bliss

But is in truth the devil's tool for such a time as this

To rob the souls of people who choose not to take a stand

But choose instead the thoughts of men who do not understand

That only full abandonment from self with all its greed

Will open up our hearts to Him Who fills our greatest need

And as we search and grow in Truth His grace will help us find

It's then and only then by grace we'll be like Christ in kind

Psalm 43; John 3:16-21

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