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Daily Devotional

Grace At The Cross

With every step Christ took upon that mount called Calvary

He drew a little closer to the debt He paid for me

That debt for my salvation that no other one could pay

That by a life of purity enabled Him to pay

A life that's not impossible for you and me to do

When we through faith allow His grace to flow through me and you

That grace so few have focused on and fewer comprehend

But is the mighty power of God on which we can depend

That starts for every person long before they are conceived

Before there was a place called earth that we have since received

And over time developed through the choices we have made

To be most comprehensive in the debt for which it paid

And also to be wholly all we'd need to be like Him

That power for conversion that God gives to all of them

Who choose not to be drawn apart from following His Way

But rather to be made as one in all we do and say

One with Him in His body that we know to be the church

That by His grace has everything for which we need to search

Embodied in the Bible where the words of life are found

The Standard for salvation also known as holy ground

As therein is God's Spirit waiting daily just for us

If we will lay all else aside and place in Him our trust

And listen with attentive ears to all that He will say

Enough to give us life and peace for every passing day

That we can share with others who know not our God of love

Know not of the redemption that the scriptures tell us of

That has no limitation only as we set in place

By our constant refusal to accept His loving grace

And by our constant searching where the Truth cannot be found

In places of distraction with activity and sound

That offer more of nothing that defeats us in the end

When grace was always waiting for the ones who will depend

On God and on His Bible where the Word of life is real

Where true life lives in confidence and not the way we feel

The confidence that made each step our Saviour took that day

When on the cross of Calvary He washed our sins away

Hebrews 1:1-3; Matthew 10:38; 16:24-27; Mark 15:20-25; Luke 9:23-26

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