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Daily Devotional

Truth About God

So many ways we think of God that simply are not true

Some see a super Daddy that loves everything we do

While others see a cruel King Who rules His Kingdom well

Like some big heartless potentate Who has a heart from Hell

And then there are the many times He's blamed for things we do

And cursed as though He was the one who failed to bring us through

A tempting spot we found ourselves and lingered for a while

Allowing Satan ample time to subtly defile

The way we ought to think of God our Maker and our King

Who out of love gave all He had to give us everything

Pertaining to eternal life and joy that has no end

When we abandon selfish thoughts and know Him as our Friend

Who's always there to listen always there right by our side

When faced with our perplexity to be our faithful Guide

And also our Protector when the winds of evil blow

That when at last Christ comes again His presence we will know

As that place we have been before when all the world was wrong

When people compromised the Truth to simply get along

And let the devil lead them in the evil path they chose

Until no longer sensitive their own probation closed

Without them having sought God's face and known His loving arms

That held them in His warm embrace against the devil's charms

And gave them light in darkness that by faith their eyes could see

The Way the Truth the Life the Love He has for you and me

The Way of His commandments that preserve His will in men

That guide us through the victories to overcome all sin

The Truth that God alone is He Who's formed us most like Him

And will restore His image once again in all of them

Who know Him as the Source of Life from start to never end

Who'd rather die than fail the One on Whom they now depend

Whose Love is so abundant all there is cannot contain

The whole of Who He is to us who sing that long refrain

Of glory alleluias when Christ comes to earth again

When in His glorious presence we'll rejoice with Him as Friend

Who saw us through the darkest nights and never let us down

To make us one with Him again at last on holy ground

John 14:1-21

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