Daily Devotional

Living In The Word

Preserved throughout all history as God would have it done

Are records of activities performed by God the Son

From days of our creation to the mighty cleansing flood

To those of incarnation when He spilled His precious blood

To those when His apostles and disciples paved the way

Of sharing His great gospel to this very present day

To fulfilling each prophesy that's found within His Word

So promises eternal by all nations can be heard

For never has there ever been a time when God did cease

To offer to humanity His never ending peace

Or work through intercession to fulfill what He has said

That soon will be established when He comes to get the dead

And all those who are living who have placed their love in Him

Who's never ceased and never will to live His love in them

If they will simply trust Him with their hearts and lives each day

To lead them every moment in that path we call the Way

The Way that's more than giving a few moments here and there

In maybe reading scripture and reciting manmade prayers

But is that all consuming state of living just for Him

To be His light of living truth each day to all of them

Whom we might meet in passing or might visit where they are

Both in the nearest neighborhood or traveling afar

Allowing God to lead us in all things we do and say

To show to those around us what our Saviour chose to pay

That captivates our thinking from the time spent on our knees

That opens observation of the hearts of those we meet

That places on our tongs the words that Christ would have us share

That speak of heaven's goals for us and all that's waiting there

For God has never left us and His promise for us still

Is He will never leave those who abandoned to His will

Spend daily time anointed by His Spirit just with Him

Preparing for what's coming that He's sharing now with them

So friend if you don't hear Him you don't feel His presence close

It's not because He's left you for the things that you have chose

It's just because He's waiting for your heart and soul and mind

To spend that time appointed leaving all this world behind

Jeremiah 5:19; Matthew 11:27-30; Acts 1:7-11


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