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Daily Devotional

White Blue and Red

A half-hearted surrender will not half-heartedly bring

A whole heart God's salvation overcoming everything

For only full surrender bring one's heart before God's throne

And only full surrender can make true salvation known

But many think that partially submitting to God's will

That partially pretending their relationship is real

Will usher them in heaven through those gates of pearly white

And make them always welcome in that city filled with light

They think that some indulgence in the worldly ways of men

A little goodness here and there and just a little sin

Will easily be overlooked for all the good they do

And one day they'll wear robes of light all perfect white and new

But white worn in God's Kingdom where the saints will live with Him

Is representative of how His grace has lived in them

Of how through faith they gave their all as He gave all in love

To make in them that character that will be lived above

Among the sinless angels and the folks from other worlds

Who with anticipation watched as Satan's host was hurled

Into the world where sin was proved for what is truly is

The self-destructive fallacy that causes us to miss

The beauty of submission to God's Law and will for men

The blue that will be worn around those robes that bear no sin

That once was worn by priests of God to teach the people of

The purity of joyfulness that's found in those who love

Their Saviour Who is God and King Redeemer and I Am

Who died our death upon the cross as God's most perfect Lamb

Who poured out His own precious blood of purest crimson red

Assuring us that we are His when washed by blood He bled

So when you think half-heartedly you'll seek the Lord today

Remember the whole heart He gave when for you He did pay

And how those precious colors have a lesson we must learn

About reciprocating love when it becomes our turn

Through full complete surrender that holds back not one reserve

That seeks the Lord most earnestly in how He'd have us serve

And longs more than this life itself to see our Saviour's face

And wear the white bound by the blue through red that's ours by grace

Revelation 4:9-14; Exodus 28:33; Isaiah 1:16-18; Hebrews 9:13-14

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