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Daily Devotional


This spirit of complacency this lukewarm state we're in

While everywhere the devil has convulsed the world in sin

Is worse than you'd imagine in the thinking of the Lord

Who gave His All on Calvary salvation to afford

To those whom He's entrusted with the keeping of His Word

Who have the words of Jesus that the world has never heard

The way they need to hear them most in this probation hour

While there is but a little time for their redemptive power

For many are the millions who know not the times we're in

How Satan in these final hours of arrogance and sin

Has marshaled all his forces to destroy the saints of God

Who hold firm His commandments as His Mighty Holy Rod

By which He'll judge the masses by the things they say and do

That demonstrate the evidence if all they say is true

That they're in love with Jesus Whom they claim to be their Friend

Whom they like Peter say they'll hold on to up to the end

But Whom they know so little of when pressed to answer those

Who have the power in the flesh to bring life to a close

As they've not stepped outside themselves to let His Spirit in

Who only has the power of God to cleanse them of their sin

Because they have not taken time to lay old self aside

To let God's Spirit do His work that's needed deep inside

That work of reformation finding strength for everyday

Through hours spent in fellowship with Jesus while we pray

So unlike dear old Peter when the hour of trial comes

We'll stand in full allegiance to the One Whom strength comes from

The One Who gave him warning as He gives to us today

Who think we have the strength to stand what're might come our way

But only yes and only can we have that strength my friend

If we spend time with Jesus by His Spirit to the end

Observing and conserving all that He will have us learn

To be prepared and ready when at last it comes our turn

To be His final offering that all the world might see

The power of God that dwells in those who grasp divinity

Through faith that will not falter by God's grace to share the Truth

That soon will be rewarded with His Own eternal youth

Colossians 2:1-8; Revelation 3:14-21

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