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Daily Devotional


A very happy fellow told me once not long ago

One's life is what they make it when they let past failures go

And choose to grasp the present with a plan to make life new

And follow with that purpose in the things they say and do

But sadly most will tell you they've been molded by their past

And if they plan on changes they've but little chance they'll last

And off they'll go determined in their minds they'll always be

The slaves they've been forever chained by fate to history

But like that fellow told me and I've seen it to be true

My future will be molded by the things I choose to do

And by my daily effort I expend to reach my goals

Not worried for what others say who still are long lost souls

Who think that by their failures in their painful history

They have a right to fashion lives in others that they see

Controlling by their misery each one they come across

Until that person likewise feels they are forever lost

But God's Way is not our way if the future that we see

In our minds eye is destined to be lived in misery

For He has fashioned heaven as a place of joy and peace

For all who let the future be the place where they release

Their hold on all the failures that they suffered in their past

And realize the devil is the one who will at last

Pay for the way he led them to do all the things they've done

That brought the pain on Jesus when He died as Christ the Son

Of God our loving Father Who has pow'r to make things new

Who by His grace through given faith can change the things we do

From failures to successes when like Him we choose to be

Commanders of our future not enslaved by history

And seeing those past failures in the light of Godly love

As tools that make and mold us for the work Christ told us of

Where we might help another on a path we've walked before

See God can change their future to that way they're looking for

That Way that holds a heaven and eternity of joy

Where nothing that has hurt us in our past will there annoy

Us with one thought of failure for in Christ we'll always be

The victors that He made us when He died on Calvary

Galatians 6:1-18; John 3:16-17

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