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Daily Devotional


They walked away from everything they had to serve the Lord

No lesser gift would they extend to Him Whom they adored

Who left His throne in glory came to die a pauper King

The Lord of all creation and the Lamb of suffering

They willingly laid down their lives as no more they could do

As in their dying breath they knew what He had called them to

That perfect land of promise in a world of paradise

No more the pawns of Satan to be tempted by his vice

For when they drew their last breath in this world of misery

They knew their very next thought would be Christ in His glory

Returning with His angels as a cloud up in the sky

To go with Him to heaven where again they'll never die

But there they'll have the privilege of reigning with their King

As in the books of heaven while reviewing everything

They'll see why others left Him to whom He had much to give

Who in their own self-centered hearts chose for themselves to live

And others who had squandered all they had on selfish ease

Who took the gifts God gave them and indulged them as they pleased

Will be quite clearly given to the minds of those who see

On record where they turned away the grace of Calvary

For selfish gain to squander on the more that they could find

To clutter up their emptiness and occupy their mind

Where God alone could give them peace and fill their hearts with joy

If they had only willingly allowed Him to employ

His grace in them through charity that knows no self-deceit

That takes the all that they might have to lay at Jesus' feet

For service in His Kingdom to be used as He decides

Is best for those who serve Him and in whom His love abides

So friend if you've been thinking of what God would have you do

Remember where you've come from and the all that you've been through

And ask God how your brokenness you suffered in your past

Might be a tool of usefulness when at His feet it's cast

And with that and His blessings give Him all that you can be

As by His grace through living faith you walk where He can see

And lay all on the altar trusting in His Word alone

The Word that is the Son of God that claims you as His own

1 Corinthians 13; Romans 8:9-18

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