Daily Devotional

Forgotten Seasons

The seasons most forgotten are those seasons spent in prayer

When God is always waiting by His grace to meet us there

And pulls us through each travesty we thought was ours alone

Not knowing He was always there to make that time His own

To spend with us together hand in hand and side by side

Dispensing of our frailty to put His strength inside

To make of us His channels through which other folks might see

The miracle of grace through faith He lives in you and me

But sadly we so often lose the sight of all He's done

In working those great miracles that make us two as one

Until another season when we're pressed to Him in need

And take the time to set aside the world so we can read

His Word for that encouragement neglected oft before

But now seems so important as we need His presence more

To be to us the Living Bread we choose to feed upon

The Rod the Staff the Shepherd's arms on which we can lean on

That heals us of our brokenness relieves us of our pain

That gives to us the promise that we'll soon be whole again

If not now in the present very soon at Christ's return

To bring to us eternally that Life for which we yearn

Where one with Him forever we'll remember how He came

Into the darkness of our past to glorify His name

As He would bring surrender to our hearts to trust in Him

To be a light to others as He lived through us for them

To see His endless patience as His mercy helped us be

A glimmer of the beauty that is His divinity

That worked in us the miracle we could not find alone

The miracle of Godliness He brought us on His own

While living in that season where we needed Him the most

Not realizing we were testimony to the host

Of all who watched and listened to what we professed to be

To see if that reality was there in you and me

So don't forget those seasons make them part of you each day

Don't let your busy schedule take the thoughts of them away

But relish them each moment as your special time with God

And you'll find without measure they will bless the path you trod

Ecclesiastes 3:1-14; Deuteronomy 8:2


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