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Daily Devotional

John the Baptist

A small cell in a dungeon was to be his last farewell

This soldier in God's army who had served his Captain well

Who long before conception had been prophesied of old

And down through many ages Jewish children had been told

Would be the voice of warning to prepare the world for Him

Who was to come Messiah sent from God to honor them

Who were prepared and waiting when the Prince of Life would come

To bring the restoration back to what they had come from

But just as their Messiah would be later killed by them

Through Romans as their proxies on the cross not built for Him

So John the greatest prophet would be silenced in the night

Beheaded for a kingdom that was soon to lose the Light

That to them was entrusted when from Egypt they did go

Out for the preparation for the glory God would show

Through them His chosen people that His glory all might see

If Israel of promise were to be what they must be

And share the gospel learned there of the Saviour Who would come

Fulfilling as God's Sacrifice His purpose as God's Son

In being born a Baby next to cattle in a stall

The glory of the universe as God would give His all

But back to John the Baptist this great man of history

Whose only great desire was the Lamb of God to see

And share the words of warning that the Lord had shared with Him

To His misguided people that had lost His Way in them

It's sad to think that only for a few months did he share

The message of the Saviour coming soon to meet them there

Before his life was taken for the warning that he gave

To those who stopped to listen God was trying hard to save

But just like John the Baptist there's a people yet today

Who are elect and chosen to prepare the narrow Way

For those who stop and listen and are wanting Christ to come

In glory to receive them to the Kingdom that He's from

Who will be asked to suffer that rejection that he felt

As in that darkened dungeon in his loneliness he knelt

But just like John they too will rise to meet their Lord on high

When Christ returns in glory to receive them in the sky

Matthew 14:1-11; 11:11; Mark 1:1-9

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