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Daily Devotional

Leopard's Spots

So many different subjects in the media these days

That focus on delusions and the very many ways

Some people are pretending to be what they want to be

When nature proves beyond doubt there's no possibility

That one can change their gender from the way that they were born

For makeup's only made up for the ones who would adorn

What God has truly made them as He wanted them to be

A precious earthly vessel to reflect divinity

But sadly to our horror Satan's work has functioned well

And more and more are captured in his trap that leads to hell

Believing just by thinking they like God can change all things

When all they have to show for this is endless suffering

As in their hearts and minds what they assume that they can do

Is just what Satan's always done and really nothing new

In sowing his deceptions in the hearts and minds of men

Who revel in their ignorance while living here in sin

That sin that brings men blindness to the light that's in God's Word

That makes them doubt the very truths He's spoken to be heard

And lived out in His people who would choose to be like Him

Who made us in His image to be one in life with them

Who're watching from all places throughout all the galaxies

To see how God is dealing with the sin some call disease

Which of a truth is only man's perversion born of hell

For which there will be judgements of which scriptures clearly tell

Just as there was in Sodom and the world before the flood

When evil we so evil man could not receive the blood

Of sacrifice on their behalf to wipe their sins away

And will be visited again the coming Judgement Day

So friend don't be discouraged by the evil that you see

Just pray for intercession that God's will in you will be

Reflective of His patient love that those still caught in sin

Will recognized how they've been fooled and want to start again

With God's renewing presence taking all that they have done

And placing it before the cross where once was hung His Son

Who died to make us new again restored to be like Him

Adorned in perfect majesty as Jesus lives in them

Genesis 1:26-28; Jeremiah 13:23; Hebrews 1:1-3

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