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Daily Devotional

Prayer Time

A friend of mine encouraged me to take some time and pray

To spend some time with Jesus at the start of everyday

To not just speak but listen to what God might tell me there

As I leave out all worldly thoughts while in that time in prayer

He said that all too often those who think they stop to pray

Just whisper words in secret at some time throughout their day

For fear someone might hear them and make fun of what they do

When they're not even listening to the One they're talking to

Then others pray for guidance from the One they're taught to fear

To lead them in the narrow path while they're still living here

But then don't stop to study what the Lord took time to share

Within His Book of Guidance that is waiting for them there

And then there are the prayers who just seem to pray all day

Especially in public where the world can hear them pray

Not knowing all they're doing is just speaking to the wind

And will have the same difference when this life will meet its end

As those who did not pray before who never knew our God

Who never took that morning hour to seize the staff and rod

To exercise their faith in Him Who took that time for them

And gave His all in sacrifice to draw their hearts to Him

Where hearts are warmed and welcomed with that love that overflows

The souls of those who choose to live the way the One Who rose

From death in glorious victory to give the same to us

Who find in Him our confidence as we have learned to trust

Through prayer that's rich and joyous daily speaking with our Friend

The One Who from beginning knew and loved us to the end

Who knew our faults and frailties and never loved us less

As daily He has waited there to give to us His best

If we would just be patient listening for His voice to hear

Through prayer and meditation as He makes His scriptures clear

To give us preparation and the guidance that we need

That's been for us provided in the Bible that we read

So friend if life's important to you as it is to me

May I suggest this lesson that my friend did help me see

And share with you the beauty of the truth that's found therein

An hour with the Saviour will become your greatest Friend

Daniel 6:10; Matthew 14:23; Mark 1:35; Luke 6:12

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