Daily Devotional

Awaiting The Messiah

Once a Baby and its momma in a stall in Bethlehem

Were surrounded by some cattle and some sheep that watched with them

As the angels up in glory made a star that shown on them

That sweet Baby and its momma in that stall in Bethlehem

Then the angels told the shepherd in the fields not far away

That a Baby with its momma was asleep upon the hay

The Messiah come to save them as they'd heard the scriptures say

Was awaiting their arrival for their homage there to pay

Then the shepherds ran to greet them with such joy one cannot know

That has not for years awaited for God's glory there to show

On His people as He promised full expecting they would see

A great multitude to greet Him this sweet Lamb from Galilee

But amazed with disappointment there was none but them that day

Who had come to see this Baby that would take their sins away

Only cattle there a lowing and some sheep that watched this Lamb

Who had come to them from glory Jesus Christ the great I Am

But their sadness for their people and their ignorance of this

Was soon cast away like darkness in the bright sunshine of bliss

As they saw and bowed with gladness before Him their eyes could see

Was the Son of God eternal come in flesh for you and me

Then the shepherds left rejoicing that the privilege was theirs

To behold this Child of heaven Who was answer to their prayers

And to know that their salvation was assured for them that day

For that Baby was Messiah Who would take their sins away

But my friends as those blessed shepherds were awake to see the signs

Are we too as chosen people seeking Him with open minds

Reading daily from the Bible how He took our sins away

When He died and rose our Saviour for our pardon once to pay

And are we in faith awaiting His arrival once again

When He comes this time in glory to destroy this world of sin

And receive His chosen people who are waiting His return

With a heart that's filled with longing for the Home for which they yearn

Where we'll live and reign forever with the Lamb of Galilee

Who came once a precious Baby that the world was want to see

But will be our King forever in this earth made new again

Where alone His scars will tell us of the Price He paid for sin

Luke 2:1-20; Psalm 24:7-10


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