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Daily Devotional

Retained With No Regret

Image if you could the power of infinity

The power in yourself to have the freedom to be free

Not hampered by this time and space not limited at all

All places at one time your own and subject to your call

Imagine knowing everything before life had its start

The end from the beginning in your own Creator's heart

Capacity for loving with a love that has no end

That only seeks to share itself with those it knows as friend

Image being able to control eternity

To place on it some limit by your own immensity

Not threatened in existence by another power known

As everything that's everywhere exists not on its own

But by your will and purpose by your choice to let it be

A life form by your own design to be your family

Adorned with perfect beauty and a will to choose their own

Allegiance to your mastery or choose the path unknown

Where self seeks not for others that that only brings them joy

But rather seeks its own designs that pester and annoy

The peace of those around it with its loathsomeness and greed

And constant sowing of its thoughts in words that grow like seed

Within the hearts of others you've created out of love

The others who once held a place beside your throne above

Who once adored your holiness and only ever chose

The purity and harmony you meant should never close

And then if you'd image giving up what you had been

To be like them who suffer from the limits brought by sin

And then to be so hated by the ones you came to save

They mock and crucify you lay you in a stone cold grave

But then you rise in victory again with power to be

The God you always were before you took humanity

But this time very different as you bear the scars of sin

And always and forever will be one with God and men

Well if you could imagine this then you would have to be

The God of Whom we speak about Who loves us endlessly

And proved His love upon that cross we never will forget

Eternally both God and Man retained with no regret

John 3:16-17; 17

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