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Daily Devotional

Mercy Love and Justice

He fell from grace from heaven's gates for evils he had done

This once the mighty angel who stood next to Christ the Son

Who bore the light of Godliness to others that he knew

As Lucifer the light-bearer in all he'd say and do

But mystery of mysteries from where we do not know

The seed of self-exalting pride within his soul did grow

And he who once was righteous as a righteous one might be

Became the source of evil through his own iniquity

As from one to another he would sow dark seeds of doubt

Not thinking God could even know or Christ would find him out

But he'd forgotten God is God and all things He can see

And though He's patient beyond words He's not what we might be

For He can see the future as if it were here today

He feels the pain of evil things He knows we'll do and say

He also knows our thinking as if our thoughts were His own

And knows the consequences of the seed we've not yet sown

But though He knows and sees us from beginning to our end

And knows that on His grace alone creation does depend

He also knows the secret love must help us understand

The secret of His Mercy that refines His Law's demand

For some see Law and Justice in the way the devil does

As heartless and restrictive as for years he's said God was

And through their soul's rebellion and his darkness they can't see

The Price that Love did freely pay through Christ on Calvary

Prefigured by the sacrifice for years to show the way

God would through love provide His Son our right for life to pay

That always was prefigured in the temple of the Lord

By elements of ministry for which God was adored

Because when God did make him whom He loved just like a son

He knew in his perfection selfish pride could make him one

To turn His realm against Him but true love can only be

True to it's very roots as long as creatures can be free

To choose to purely follow in the light of Godly love

Or in the path of darkness that the devil tells us of

But soon we'll see the finish of the work and will of God

When mercy love and justice clear the path that Christ will trod

1 John 4

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