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Daily Devotional

The Call to Israel

Hear me now oh Israel please listen to my call

Your Saviour has departed and your city soon will fall

For all the sins committed there when prayer was want be made

As Jesus Christ the Lamb of God for all your sins had paid

But you would not to listen you would not to hear His call

Who left the mighty courts above and laid aside His all

When crying in His agony He begged you to return

You closed your eyes and stopped your ears and gave your back in turn

And in your vain denial of Messiah and your King

You set aside His promises to give you everything

As royalty and priesthood for humanity to see

The blessing of obedience to His divinity

For all the world is chasing after something that's not real

Pursuing after earthly things that they can see and feel

When in its true reality just one thing will they find

That has the answers that they seek and gives them peace of mind

And that one thing you squandered when you turned your back on Him

Who sits upon His mighty throne adored by seraphim

A heritage of Godliness ordained when time began

When God prepared to make this earth to be a home for man

And gave him place and promise in the vast expanse of space

To represent divinity and be His dwelling place

As in His perfect image Jesus made the man and wife

And breathed in them His perfect breath to have eternal life

But like you now oh Israel they turned away from God

And chose a different path to tread restricted to this sod

That led to pain and anguish and at last that cruel tree

Where Jesus Christ the Lamb of God was nailed for you and me

But still you have probation still in love your Saviour calls

And begs you please return to Him before the curtain falls

And all the universe at large cries for the path you chose

And all the ruination as your hope for life will close

And you and all the honor that God wanted you to have

Will be passed to another who chose not the sinner's path

But chose instead the will of God through scripture they could see

That by His grace instilled a faith to last eternally

Matthew 23:37-39; Exodus 19:5, 6; Revelation 5:9-14

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