Daily Devotional

Made Like Us

Now listen to this story how the Saviour of all men

Did give with great abundance grace to save us from our sin

How when there was no other way to meet the Law's demand

He left His throne as God above and came to earth as man

As Man Who was our equal in a way we can't explain

Though fully God He placed on Him the garb of one most plain

No royal robes of honor just a pure and sinless soul

To live as our Example that in Him we can be whole

In Him by our obedience when once we see His love

He showered down in Sacrifice to draw us up above

Where as one royal family we all might be like Him

Revealing by experience His grace to all of them

Who've not been blessed as we have to behold the Lamb of God

As in the scriptures we can see the path the Saviour trod

And how He dwelt with others healing all of their disease

And humbled self by spending time abundant on His knees

To seek His Father's blessing and direction for each day

Again as our Example as this is the only Way

To know with His assurance we will not a failure be

As long as we spend time each day with Him on bended knee

As Christ did seeking guidance for the path that we must trod

Receiving light to share with those who've not spent time with God

Who've not been blessed to know Him as their Saviour Lord and King

The One alone Who by His grace provides us everything

We need to be like Jesus though in truth we're not divine

If linked with Him through daily prayer we too might have His mind

And live the Way He lived before when He was living here

No more a slave to doubt and sin no more a slave to fear

For when we know the Saviour as we're privileged to do

The Way He knew the Father Whom He died to lead us to

The glory of His presence though unseen is still our own

And will be by our living before others surely known

For He will live within us as His Spirit lived in Him

To bring the light of heaven by God's grace to all of them

Who likewise will be tender to His promptings from above

Revealed with great abundance by His grace through us in love

Romans 5:17-21; 8:1-4; Hebrews 2:14-17


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