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Daily Devotional

Soldier's Faith

The faith of just one soldier can defeat the enemy

When lived by them in conduct that the other soldiers see

For faith's more than believing when it needs to be applied

It's life by application for the tempted true and tried

Like David in the valley with Goliath on that day

When all of Israel trembled as their courage ran away

No armor for protection nor a weapon by his side

Just one long sling and five smooth stones and God to be his Guide

And faith that would not falter would not fail him in his need

As he had learned by living God would hear his every plead

For guidance and protection and the skill to guide his hand

As nothing that could happen was not as the Lord had planned

And knowing this convinced him beyond doubt no enemy

Could route the army of the Lord that trusted Him to be

Commander and Deliverer Supplier of all need

If they would live and walk the path in which He chose to lead

And as he strode into the field of battle without fear

The taunting of the enemy was not what he could hear

For he was still conversing with his Captain for this fight

That raged between the leaders of the darkness and the Light

For David knew as we can that the battles that we face

Are battles not of flesh and bone but between sin and grace

For flesh and bone will rise again to face the Judgment Day

But only now have we the chance to show the Living Way

The Way that's found in Jesus as our Saviour Lord and King

The God of our Salvation Who withholds not anything

That's needed for the battles that we face each passing day

For which He won the victory when on the cross He stayed

Until the work was finished and He cried for all to hear

His death would be the victory in death we need not fear

For as death could not hold Him when He rose up from the grave

So death cannot defeat the ones on earth He came to save

As long as they are faithful as His soldiers of the cross

And move by His undying grace by faith to save the lost

Full knowing what befall them here in glory they will see

The banner of their Lord and God displayed in victory

1 Samuel 17:39-51

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