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Daily Devotional

In Tune With God

The depth of the experience that God would have with us

Is deeper than the deepest love we have with those we trust

It's deeper in significance than anything we've known

Than any bond with anyone upon this earth we've sown

For He Who is Almighty and eternal in Himself

Who gave Himself upon the cross when there was no way else

Still longs to be as one with us if we will let Him in

And let Him take away that yoke that binds us still to sin

And when we let His Spirit in the way He has designed

Have shown by what we do and say from sin we have resigned

He'll start a work in us that goes beyond what we conceive

A work that glorifies His name in those who will believe

A work that is established not on our imaginings

But on eternity itself where all the happenings

Are managed by the One true God that rules the universe

With love that's found in freedom that can never be reversed

For when God has the freedom to be active in one's soul

To work His mighty miracles in those who would be whole

He takes that full submission and by grace helps them to see

There is no limitation in what He can make them be

For He becomes their wisdom He becomes their pure desire

His love ignites a passion like an all consuming fire

That burns down deep within their soul and fuels them everyday

With deeper stronger love for those they meet along their way

And even more it makes in them a light that others see

A light that burns with brightness in the dark perversity

That now consumes this sin filled world but not for very long

As soon our Saviour will return to make right what was wrong

As then those who were favored through the choices that they made

To be one with their Saviour through the Price that He has paid

Will see the consummation of the love they cherished here

When from the grave and broken earth they'll rise to gather near

The throne of God Almighty next to Him they longed to see

With Whom they had such precious times each day on bended knee

While waiting for His coming that is sure to be here soon

The One Who kept their heart as one with His in perfect tune

John 14:1-17; Romans 8:1-17

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