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Daily Devotional

God's Holy Ghost

Surrender is that special thing that all of us must do

In every confrontation that the Lord will bring us through

Not to the opposition but to Him Who gives us life

Who by His grace is waiting there to bring us through each strife

For we though often challenged to believe we have the will

And strength in every circumstance our purpose to fulfill

So often do not have a clue what's really going on

Behind the scenes we cannot see with Him we lean upon

Who's fighting every moment in that battle over sin

That battle that requires the strength of every soul within

To live not for our selfishness and pleasures that we see

But for those principles of life that mean eternity

The principles of love and truth of humble daily praise

That truly is our strength of life to meet those coming days

When standing without company against the devil's ills

We will not be among those then who compromise their wills

But will with hand upon God's throne through faith that makes us strong

Be solidly among the saints who sing the victor's song

As by God's grace we watch the fray side firmly for the Lord

Who's never lost a battle for the ones that He adored

When though at first it seemed that way in truth He held command

Though often it took many years to help us understand

That His will's always perfect and His timing is complete

In those who trust His promises and worship at His feet

Through prayer and daily study of His Word we know is true

That holds for us those principles that show us what to do

In every situation when we give our all to Him

Not focused on the challenges and all the power in them

For everything the devil has will soon be swept away

When Christ returns to take those Home who always stopped to pray

And trust not to what they could see but Who they knew was there

That moment they surrendered all to Christ alone in prayer

So friend when you are tempted to believe God does not see

The tempest you are going through take time to bend the knee

And know with every confidence the One Who loves you most

Will be in you the victory through His Most Holy Ghost

John 14:6-31

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