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Daily Devotional


Sometimes we hang a picture of a person on a wall

A person from a golden past who finally gave their all

Who loved with all their passion those who knew to love them back

Who gave us precious memories of which we'll never lack

We hang them to remember all the things that we went through

The things that we together living joyfully would do

We hang them so that memory will stay with us as long

As we draw breath and have the will to pass those things along

But memories though precious never can replace the days

We lived and walked together sharing life in many ways

Nor can they bring them back again the way they used to be

The way we once remembered we so hoped that we might see

And if they could remake them in the ways they were before

Could make them once again as we remembered having more

A grasp of every moment not o'ercome with suffering

Would that be what we wanted in this life that we're living

In truth I think we wouldn't want to live the past at all

I think we'd really rather live in hope of that great call

When from the clouds of glory Christ revives the ones we've lost

The ones He loves far more than we for whom He paid the cost

Of having them emblazoned in the halls of memory

As promise at His coming He could bring them back to see

Their loved ones filled with passion for the new life they will have

The new life with our Saviour once again to walk the path

That He's prepared before them but not as it was before

Not through the pain and sorrows that this old life had in store

But through the realms of glory where each moment they will see

Another that will follow throughout all eternity

And each day will be followed by another bright and new

With more things than the other that they're wanting there to do

Yet knowing time won't matter there'll be plenty yet to come

As He Who is the Author of all time still holds the sum

Of endless years and places that He's wanting us to see

In purest whole perfection that He's planned for us to be

Far better than the pictures that we hang on memory's wall

For then we'll have the promise that He purchased with His all

Daniel 12:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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