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Daily Devotional

The Thief

He found the one he followed not much better than himself

This young man from the ghetto who then looked for someone else

So then he found another who again did let him down

And realized there was no good in people to be found

Until one day this Person after many years went by

Was standing in the courtyard just like him condemned to die

Who had no guilt or envy of the ones who railed at Him

Though one could see quite clearly He was far ahead of them

In morals and integrity as He spoke not a word

Against the taunts and screaming from the leaders that He heard

Who bore no form of reason or demur within themselves

Just pure satanic evil that had gripped them in its spell

And then as he was hardened by the leaders that he saw

Obsessed by all this evil with no mercy left at all

His gaze returned to Jesus Whom they cursed and saw in Him

The purity of goodness that they claimed they had in them

A purity that showed him all his years of strife and pain

Might somehow have a purpose if he might be free again

To turn from all the evil from his past that he had done

And maybe help another learn the lessons of this One

But then he heard the verdict that was given both of them

The Innocent found guilty of no crime that was in Him

And he who was the robber and the lier and the thief

To die as one together on the hill of pain and grief

And thought how could this happen to a Man so kind and good

Who never had committed wrong and never ever would

And wondered how he who was wrong and guilty of his past

Might somehow rectify his wrong with something good at last

Not knowing very shortly he would give his best of all

When on the cross he gave a gift of courage to us all

Obtaining from the Saviour that assurance that his sins

Though many were forgiven when he gave his last to Him

And thereby giving promise and encouragement today

To all who will accept God's grace and bow to Him and pray

No matter where they've been before assured of where He is

Will likewise be there Home above no one should ever miss

Mark 15:1-32; Luke 23:38-43

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