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Daily Devotional


Where are the few the chosen that the Lord has called as His

To arm themselves for battle for such awesome time as this

Who will not bend or waver as the Truth cannot afford

To have them weak and doubting in the service of the Lord

Where are the mighty captains to prepare us for the day

That's soon to break upon us in an overwhelming way

As evil knows no limits in the work it seeks to do

To steal the souls of people it excites against the few

For now while they've been sleeping knowing not the time we're in

The devil's been preparing for the battle to begin

And those who should be worthy as God's soldiers for the call

Have not the battle's armor to protect them from the fall

That's soon to come upon us wiping all those things away

Those crutches for dependance that were needed day by day

The tv's and the movies and the entertainments too

That kept them in the darkness knowing not what they should do

As moment after moment creeping stealthily within

The church of God's anointing was this compromise with sin

To fashion and refine them as the world would have them be

Without the will or conscience to pursue God's purity

And moment after moment as he shuffled them along

The devil worked to blind them to the evil and the wrong

He uses as his offering to deter them from the Way

They should have been pursuing in devotions everyday

Til now as Armageddon is preparing to begin

There are but few of valor who will fight this war with sin

And unless they're awakened to the hour of the day

They'll have no strength for battle and become an easy prey

So friend if you're among those who've not studied for today

The words of Truth in scripture that prepare us for the Way

Have not been true and faithful to the truths you knew before

Take time today with Jesus as He wants to teach you more

That will if you are faithful make you one at arms with Him

To stand against the enemy and not be one of them

To be His light in darkness while there's time for us to do

The needful preparation for the war we're coming to

Matthew 25:1-13; Ephesians 6:10-18

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