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Daily Devotional

Early Morning Light

So small and unassuming yet the Light of life to men

This Babe this Child this Holy One of God the Price for Sin

Yet still so few adore Him as the Lamb He came to be

The Saviour Who alone brought life to this humanity

Oh yes we often praise Him as the One eternal God

We speak of miracles He'd done when on this earth He trod

But when it comes to living by His grace within His will

How many take the time to pray and listen being still

Within their inner being setting all the world aside

Just focused through the scriptures with His Spirit as our Guide

While breathing in His Presence giving life to all we do

That makes of us a blessing for the ones He brings us to

And how much are we focused on His work and not ourselves

To gain that insight of the souls in which His Spirit delves

To see their inner darkness and their wanting to be free

From all the things that bind them to their past of misery

When if we who are trusted with the greatest Gift of all

The Gift that Jesus promised to our parents at the fall

Would simply open up our hearts to let His Spirit in

Preparing us to be His light to break their bands of sin

These souls that live in bondage would be boundless in His love

Would by God's grace embrace the faith the scriptures teach us of

And with us join the chorus of the army of the Lord

That sings as we go marching in the vict'ry He affords

That victory that's only found each morning close to Him

Becoming by God's perfect grace His light of life to them

And more than light a helping hand and comrade arm in arm

To fight the battles of the Lord Who shields us from the harm

Of him who would destroy us but can't touch their souls within

Who have the blood that precious blood that cleanses us of sin

And will not fail to bind us as one body firm and strong

That by God's grace ignites the faith that will not suffer wrong

When Christ returns in glory to receive the ones He loves

The ones who love Him in return and seek His home above

To live with Him forever daily walking hand in hand

The way each precious morning they as one with Him had planned

Psalm 63; Isaiah 26:9; 58:6-8

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