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Daily Devotional

Alabaster Bottle

An alabaster bottle of exquisite craftsmanship

Filled with the fragrant oil of love for one relationship

Unlike the many others she'd experienced before

For this would be the One true love she surely would adore

For this Man would not see in her her past of sin and grief

But only His forgiven one in whom He had belief

That she in her devotion to His life and to His cause

Would sacrifice her all for Him without regret or pause

And would be through the centuries the first one spoken of

Who saw Him for the One He was her Saviour from above

Who just for her would take her sins if she was all there'd be

And die her Lamb of sacrifice for her eternity

That she might be forgiven made again all fresh and new

The child of God He trusted to do all that she could do

To spread His perfect Gospel of forgiveness for our past

When we by faith believe Him and upon His mercy cast

Our all in realization there's but nothing we can do

To cleanse us of our brokenness and make us whole and new

Not stained by sins we did before when we lived on our own

But clothed with perfect robes of white with not one failure known

For as she saw before He died so we might see today

In Him we have the Light of Life Who is the Truth and Way

From here to our great Father with Whom we might ever live

When we like Mary choose in love our all to Him to give

And trust while we're still living in this world of dark and sin

That by His grace we too might show His face to fallen men

His face of love and passion for the saving of their soul

That like that woman once condemned He too might make them whole

And make of them a testimony for His Truth today

A stepping stone along the path that is the living Way

A vessel made for honor for the Saviour of all men

Who truly want as Mary did to be redeemed from sin

And be what He's ordained them for as leaders among men

Who truly want at any price to have His love within

The center of their being where alone He must abide

Who soon will come in glory for the ones for which He died

Matthew 26:6-13; Luke 7:37-50

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