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Daily Devotional

Live What We Believe Give What We Receive

By grace He waited patiently in hope they might receive

The many precious lessons He had taught them to believe

But foolishly they pondered lessons from the other side

From those who were in leadership where Truth did not abide

Though daily in His actions they could see the Spirit move

And every moment by His words His lips would only prove

His heart was like His Father's heart with love and grace for men

As He in mercy placed Himself where He could touch their sin

Exposing what they needed most to wash their filth away

How love for Him would motivate their thoughts on Him to stay

Them fearless in the battle with the devil for their soul

That they might be reflective of the One Who makes men whole

And by their pure reflection as they sacrificed their all

Would be a light to others who still suffer from the fall

Who likewise feel God's Spirit moving them to want to pray

That He would take their darkness and give them the light of day

That day that's in the future but not all that far from now

When all that's laid before us will reveal the why and how

Of where our lives have brought us and events that we've been through

That we by grace might have the faith to do what we must do

To share with other pilgrims who've been on that path as well

That was for us a blessing though we thought it more from hell

As suffering in darkness made us grateful for the Light

More grateful than the common man who'd never known the night

When all seemed lost and hopeless til the Saviour heard them plead

For someone who knew Jesus to bow down and intercede

That God by their injunction would be able then to prove

The power of His presence and their darkness there remove

So they too were made able by experience to be

His instruments of righteousness and pure integrity

To share His love with others who like them have lost their way

And only need assurance God still hears them when they pray

And will remove their burden will take all their guilt away

As they receive the pardon for which Jesus had to pay

And live as lights from heaven God intends we all should be

When we accept His pardon that was paid on Calvary

John 14:1-17; Matthew 10:8

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