Daily Devotional

No Greater Love

No greater love hath mortal man than for a friend to die

But when it comes to Jesus Christ I have to wonder why

So many turn against Him and the words He had to speak

And focus not upon His grace but more on being weak

For though Christ was specific in the things He had to say

Of what would draw us close to Him while living day to day

It seems so many who believe He was the Son of God

Refuse to follow in the path He chose that we must trod

The path of His obedience that walks by faith not sight

That listens with attentive ear to precious words of light

Emitting from the Bible God's most perfect Word to us

Upon which we must place our hope if in Him we will trust

Those words of inspiration penned by Godly men of old

Who would not in their darkest hour by sin be bought or sold

But stood alone upon the Word that God had given them

To bear the light of righteousness and draw the world to Him

That Word that is established not on men but on God's Law

Where in the angels up above stand fixed in holy awe

Perceiving deeper beauty in the glory that they see

Emitting from God's perfect Law designed for you and me

His Law that is immortal as its essence is in Him

Who sits upon His mighty throne with glorious diadem

And rules all of creation from the atom to the suns

And offers us a resting place if we will be the ones

Who live in His communion daily focused on His Word

Not following what others say of what things they have heard

But what we see in scripture as in prayer we stay with Christ

Who loved us and yet loves us still that He would pay the Price

Of death for sins committed that could not be rectified

Unless the one who broke God's Law paid with their life and died

Eternal separation from the Father Son and Ghost

A child no more of promise with no place among the host

Of those who truly love Him who most willingly would die

Before they would accept the fate of others who would lie

And say God's Law's not binding when in truth it binds to Him

The precious souls He died to save when He gave all for them

Psalm 1; John 15:12-4; 14:15, 21


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