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Daily Devotional

Lessons of The Cross

From Royal Priest to Pauper to be Sacrifice as well

There's so much we don't comprehend so much we do not tell

About God's condescension from His throne to Calvary

And every step of suffering He took for you and me

How He Who is eternal wrapped in glory on His throne

Became a helpless Baby wrapped in rags to save His own

And lived a life of poverty a Child on dirty streets

When gold is what He had before that lay beneath His feet

And then in youth forsaken by the others that He knew

Because He would not do the pranks that others often do

That brought the one who suffered pain of heart or shame of face

When He knew He had come to be their Saviour born of grace

That He would also lean upon to face the trials each day

The world and leaders brought on Him for things that He would say

Reflective of His Kingdom and the lessons one must learn

To be a part of heaven if it's heaven where they yearn

To live one day with Jesus that will always have the next

To love Him even more than when before they loved Him best

As looking on the scars He bears upon His hands and feet

They'll know the past with their mistakes through faith they'll not repeat

For in those scars they'll see the past that lead Him to the cross

The loving Lamb of sacrifice that would not suffer loss

Of even one poor blinded soul who placed their all on Him

Who gave His all on Calvary through perfect love for them

That love we all must study like we've never done before

To grasp by faith the promises of Him we must adore

More than this world of emptiness that offers guilt and shame

When God gives all eternity to those who know His name

As living God and Saviour loving Master Mighty King

Provider Great Defender He Who moves through everything

To teach us precious lessons that we need so much to learn

To teach to other pilgrims who like us may choose to turn

From self to Christ the Healer Christ the Lover of each soul

Who lives for us as One with us to bless and make us whole

And will quite soon return for us if we will trust and pray

And live reflective of the cross we bear with Him each day

Matthew 16:24-27; Mark 8:27-38; 10:17-27

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