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Daily Devotional

The Table

Oh how we love our smorgasbords with lots of tasty treats

Variety in everything we love to smell and eat

From meats and flowing vegetables to sweets that tempt the eyes

There's rarely anything we see that comes as a surprise

But smorgasbords though tempting with their great variety

With all the lovely dishes just as far as one can see

Hold nothing in comparison to what God has in mind

Displayed within the Bread of Life we're likely there to find

For scriptures are a table spread with food beyond belief

With all those tasty morsels God's designed for our relief

From hunger even famine that is starving worldly souls

When God has great abundance in His Word to make men whole

But all of that abundance must be served by One Who can

Decipher its ingredients and help us understand

The beauty and benevolence that's hiding there inside

For those who let His Spirit lead and be their faithful Guide

And when that great abundance is displayed for us to see

It then behooves each person to reveal integrity

And pass on to another all the good things we have found

The way we share the victuals when we pass the food around

And sometimes when we're passing to another by our side

We see they are disabled by some problem they can't hide

And then must choose to help them or just let the food pass bye

Not taking time to listen to the depth of their soul cry

But if we truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves

We'll stop the food procession for the sake of someone else

If helping them will save them for that banquet up above

The way our Saviour wants us to when we reveal His love

That brings us to the table where we have no right to be

Except by grace that paid that Price upon that cruel tree

That brings the bread of heaven everyday for us to eat

When we in humble posture kneel in prayer not on our feet

And ask the Lord to show us all the goodness that's in store

For those who love and serve Him giving all we have and more

As God will fill our cup proportionate to what we share

The way He does through Jesus when He shows how much He cares

1 Corinthians 2:9-14; Amos 8:11; Matthew 25:34-40

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