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Daily Devotional

Pray And Study Study And Pray

Do we do we do we really take God at His Word

Do we who claim to love Him really trust what can be heard

While seeking Him in worship with His scriptures on our knees

Observing all He shows us that the doubter never sees

Or do we simply hurry through our study time with Him

And therein miss those words of gold beset with precious gems

Of truth that He would show us if we'd only let Him in

Our wounded hearts that hurry off to follow after sin

Not sin that's all that open but so occupies our time

We too just like the doubters let the world possess our mind

And shut out that most needed that the Lord would have us see

The depth of perfect promises of grace that set us free

From all the things that hamper us from being close with Him

Who yearns to be right next to us and even deep within

So deep within our heart and mind we naturally extend

To Him that most important time on which we oft depend

To be a restful moment when our perfect rest is found

Each morning in those early hours with Him on holy ground

Preparing us with perfect grace to face the enemy

Who's waiting every moment for his opportunity

To catch us when he's able weak in faith and slow in mind

To lead us by distraction in the way he'll help us find

That slowly leads us from the Lord in paths we should not go

Until we've joined the ranks of those whom God says not to know

Who've hardened heart against Him through the worldly ways of men

Who count their god to be the one who joins them in their sin

Embracing darkness fearing light that soon will take control

When God exposes everything that lies within their soul

So friend please don't be weary of the warnings that He gives

Who spent His many sleepless nights in prayer that we might live

But ever seek His presence from the time you wake each morn

Until He comes in glory and His likeness you adorn

And focus on His promises place each one in your mind

Where He can have His Spirit share the Truth that you will find

Exploding with new beauty filled with wonder to display

The brightness of God's glory in the minds of those who pray

Nehemiah 1:5-6; Luke 6:12; Psalm 119:73-80; 2 Thessalonians 3:1-3

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