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Daily Devotional

Just Once

I said that once that only once I'd do it just one time

Until by twice and after thrice I do it all the time

That thing I said I'd never do that I so much abhorred

Now seems to be the very thing by me that's most adored

And so it goes from this to that until all strength is gone

And what was once a life of good seems all together wrong

As in my heart temptation bears a stronger way in me

Than principles of righteousness and living decently

For there's a war where battles rage to form my destiny

Between the Lord Who loves us most and our great enemy

These battles of temptation that seem innocent at first

That subtly persuade us to become our very worst

Until if peradventure that satanic entity

Can cause us to commit the sin in our iniquity

That steels us in our heart of hearts to turn the Lord away

And leaves us lost and all alone to face the judgement day

But even though I've fallen even though I've gone astray

There's still a hand that's open to embrace me in the Way

A hand that's scarred and calloused from the work it's had to do

To gain this soul's salvation if I really want it to

And with that hand an arm that's strong much stronger than my sin

That will if I allow it to lift me to start again

Again not as one fallen but as one who's been redeemed

No longer in my filthy past but by the Lord esteemed

As His blood purchased sacrifice who seeks each day to live

Within His perfect atmosphere His perfect love to give

To others who like me have failed and fallen in the way

But now by grace experience His presence everyday

That looks beyond temptation to the goal beyond the sky

Where all who once were lost are saved with Him to never die

But live in joy and holiness that started even here

When faith embraced the only One Who wipes away our fear

And gives us hope and promise that each day He'll always be

The One to stand right by our side to give us victory

That will no longer give in once but will instead hold true T

o Him Who gave His all for us to live through me and you

Colossians 1:19-29; Romans 12:1, 2

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