Daily Devotional

Christ's Righteousness

The perfect holy righteousness of Jesus Christ the Lord

That binds the hearts of those He loves in perfect one accord

Who also love Him in return with heart and soul and mind

Will be the qualifying Truth that all in Christ will find

For perfect holy righteousness is more than what most think

In truth it draws us from the mire of sin in which we sink

But more than that it fashions us in life to be like Him

In every thought and purpose as we seek the souls of them

Who know not of the story that began before this earth

Before the light that graced this world was spoken into birth

Before there even was this rock all lacking form and void

All covered by the waters unlike other asteroids

For back before our time began back further than we know

God had in mind each precious soul and how far He would go

To prove His love beyond degree as He would pay the Price

That only could be paid by Him by grace through Jesus Christ

This Price that knows no equal for no equal could exist

That could embrace humanity with all the joy we've missed

Pent up within His Father's heart just wanting to express

Emotion equal to the pain on Calvary that stressed

His heart beyond the limit our humanity could know

And still He drank that bitter cup His love for us to show

Until in deathly silence He was laid within the grave

To rest awhile to signify He has the power to save

For as He lay that Sabbath in the tomb among the dead

He blessed again His Sabbath as in Exodus He said

His Sabbath was memorial of our creation week

And also of salvation for which everyone must seek

Who want to live in life again the way God first had planned

Embracing all eternity with faith that understands

The beauty of abandonment to Christ and Christ alone

Who laid aside His royal robes and left His royal throne

And lived as our Example leaning on the strength of God

The Way we too can lean upon His presence when we trod

This world of moral darkness walking daily in His Light

Clothed with His perfect righteousness until He ends the fight

Matthew 13:34-35; Ephesians 1:1-14

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