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Daily Devotional

Three Messages

Three messages of great import the world must here today

Three messages to keep God's children in the narrow Way

Three messages that will endure until Christ comes again

To cleanse this world of every spot of selfishness and sin

Three messages that will not fail throughout eternity

That will endure to be proclaimed into infinity

Three messages for which Christ died upon that cruel cross

To save His precious followers from suffering that loss

That will last for eternity for those who choose to face

The future judgement before God without His loving grace

Available to all who will to follow Him today

To set aside the things they've learned that block His perfect Way

From showing them His blessing in His Sabbath every week

The Sabbath that embodies Him for Whom the sinner seeks

That is His Day of holiness the scriptures never changed

The structure of creation week He will not rearrange

For in His Sabbath we can find the meaning in His Word

As on that day that He has blessed His Spirit can be heard

More clearly than all other days that work is to be done

In preparation for His Sabbath when we meet His Son

And then there is the issue of what happens when we die

Do we ascend into the heights or in the dark grave lie

Until the Resurrection when the voice of Christ is heard

Declaring death's been done away for those who knew His Word

And followed it precisely to the letter of His Law

Because of love that held them by His grace through faith in awe

Of all He's done and doing in His temple up above

Within His sanctuary where He demonstrates His love

Through worship and through Sacrifice where all our sins are laid

Upon the Lamb of Jesus Christ Who for them all once paid

And is today still offering before the Father's throne

His blood that makes the penitent the ones He calls His own

And soon He will be gathering to be as one with Him

As they perceive the precious grace His love's provided them

And set their minds to follow Him wherever He may go

As they like Him purvey the Truth today the world must know

Exodus 31:12-18; Ecclesiastes 9:5-6; John 11:24-25; Psalm 77:11-13; Hebrews 8:1-2

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