Daily Devotional

Psalm 23

How often have we read those words in chapter twenty-three

Of Psalms assuming they were there to help both you and me

Assuming we were just the ones to whom they did apply

Not looking further by God's grace to use the Spirit's eye

How oft have we assumed the Shepherd was just Jesus Christ

Not looking at the context of His life that paid the Price

Laid out before in chapter twenty-two in prophesy

In words that were descriptive of our Lord upon that tree

For as we through expansion by God's Spirit in our mind

Allow Him to reveal to us the Truth therein we find

We see the steps of Jesus in the life He lived before

He died upon the cross the Lamb of God He made Him for

For when God was His Shepherd leading His humanity

He led Him through the pastures and still waters by the sea

As He had no provision of a home where He did stay

And by the sea He taught the people how to live and pray

And though He was forsaken as a Teacher among men

By leaders of His nation whose conviction bothered them

He was restored each morning for the path that He must tread

Until He would be sacrificed to rest among the dead

For in His Father's righteousness He gathered every morn

Through hours of communion with His Spirit He'd adorn

The grace His spirit needed by God's Law and Testament

Preparing for that valley where death was not permanent

Til on that fateful evening when His time did finally come

He sat and ate at table with the faithless prideful ones

After He'd been anointed for the Work He had to do

By Mary with the ointment from the life that she'd been through

And afterward the garden where His cup did overflow

Where He sweat drops of anguish that no other one could know

He knew with perfect certainty He'd done not one thing wrong

To hamper Godly mercy and His goodness for as long

As life He came to bring us to be shared with Him on High

Where we can live together never more to have to die

But in God's sanctuary with Him as our saving King

We too will know His blessing based upon His Offering

Psalm 22 & 23

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