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Daily Devotional


There is a storm approaching magnitude is yet unknown

But all will be affected by the works that they have sown

One's lack of preparation may just lead to their demise

The hope of one's survival will depend on just how wise

They are in how they've listened to the Spirit while in prayer

How much they've shown intensity in sharing everywhere

The message of salvation of redemption from the past

And all the joy and glory God's preserved for those at last

Who've come to know Him personally from time upon their knees

Who trust in Him the future that they know He always sees

While guiding them in paths of Truth that lead to endless day

Where all the darkness they once knew will surely pass away

But those who have not trusted in the pureness of God's Word

Who've chased the empty fancies from the godless they have heard

Will find to their great horror all the things they've done before

Will strike them like a hammer when Christ knocks upon the door

And they are not yet ready as they've wasted all their time

That was to them entrusted that God's Ladder they might climb

To be above the tempest of the winds God will let loose

That will bring pain and anguish on the one's who did not choose

To leave their city dwellings when God called them one and all

Who heard His warning message to preserve them from the fall

From which there's no returning from which no one will be saved

When judgement time has ended and they're lying in the grave

Awaiting Christ's third coming with the host that did prepare

Who've served Him in the heavens with the records open there

Of those who were unready when He came the second time

To rectify the sinful past that caused the greatest crime

Rejection of the Saviour after all that God had done

In giving all of heaven in the Person of His Son

Who promised preparation for the ones who lived in prayer

Who chose to live for Jesus every moment everywhere

Full knowing He would guide them by His Spirit everyday

In understanding scriptures that will never pass away

But will be instrumental in preparing you and me

To live with Him forever Who's prepared our eternity

Daniel 12:1-3; Revelation 20:1-21:5

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