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Daily Devotional

Lives of Devotion

So many men of action written in God's mighty Word

Who lived their lives with passion for the truths of which they heard

From others who abandoned worldly honor for their Lord

That they might live as chosen for the God that they adored

Men who had walked as common in their course like other men

No better than their brother as they too were touched by sin

But in whom God saw something that nobody else could see

A heart when formed and fashioned would reflect divinity

Not holding worldly honor as a thing to be achieved

Just living to God's glory in the way that they believed

Would be a light to others who like them to self had died

When they could see more clearly why God's Lamb was crucified

Because of love eternal love for them that made a Way

That sought them in their darkness bringing them the Light of day

That Light that is eternal that will never lose its power

That's always held in waiting in those darkest trying hours

When all the world is watching waiting for the faults of men

To rise to the occasion showing yet the power of sin

But by the grace through Jesus faith achieves the upper hand

And love seen through obedience in them takes full command

To dissipate the darkness to reveal a love for God

That will not be reflective of the path that others trod

But only of their Saviour Who bowed low to wash our feet

When we like His disciples were about to face defeat

That when we would remember in our time of greatest trial

What He went through to save us on our lips would come a smile

For all the joy surrender to His Spirit's will would bring

Just knowing in the end they would receive that very thing

That God in Christ had promised that for us is sure today

Salvation in His Kingdom that will never go away

But will be ours forever as forever we will be

His chosen purchased vessel made to share eternally

With all the worlds unfallen how our Saviour's sacrifice

Embraced our hearts devotion when we realized the Price

That God in love devoted to redeem us from our sin

That we in Him might never face the power of sin again

Psalm 91:14-16; Jeremiah 31:33-35

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