Daily Devotional


Surrender is the last thing that a soldier wants to do

Especially when one considers all that they've been through

The hours of endless training to defeat the enemy

And all the preparation to declare the victory

But if and when a soldier fails to keep the fight in mind

To recognize the enemy that they've been trained to find

Their chances of survival will diminish to a nil

As plans made by the enemy will be what they fulfill

Those plans that do not compromise the evil they believe

Will help them to accomplish what they hope they will receive

The full annihilation of the ones they've gone to fight

They hope will be distracted as they draw them from the Light

Into the darkened spaces where the soldier may not find

Them waiting to destroy them in the moment they are blind

To sophistrie's deception in the guise they do not see

Designed to steal their life and soul for all eternity

But soldiers are not only in the armies of the world

Not only for defending countries' flags they have unfurled

But also are the people in the body of God's church

Who have the great commission for the souls of men to search

To reach them with the gospel in the battle for their soul

Disrupting all the evil from the devil with his goal

Of reaping our destruction with no hope of life again

When we will face eternity without the sinner's Friend

And this is bound to happen if we do not keep in mind

The reason for our purpose to defend all those we find

As soldiers on a mission who must focus on the plan

To rescue all the perishing that do not understand

That we are on the battle field that soon will meet its end

When God will have His people who have turned away from sin

Who have not been distracted by the trappings of this world

Into which fallen angels with the devil once were hurled

And only those who focus on God's battle plan will find

The scriptures and the Spirit will prepare their heart and mind

To stand against the enemy no matter what the cost

When Christ will come to ransom those who fought to save the lost

2 Timothy 2:3, 4; Ephesians 6:10-18

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