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Daily Devitional

So Many Marys

Abused throughout her childhood by an uncle she had known

Concealed by his position as a priest among his own

Until revealed by Jesus when his leprosy was healed

And so much of his past regret of sins were there unsealed

For she like many others whom so many men abused

Who for their selfish pleasure in their lusts are sorely used

Was just a pawn of Satan's work to rule the souls of men

Through evil that these precious ones are sadly pressured in

And then condemned by others who know not the path they trod

Oft times abused by trusted men they thought were men of God

These precious ones to Jesus Who can feel the pain they know

Do only for survival that one thing they knew to do

While all the time their hearts cry wanting once to know true love

To know that real affection that the Bible teaches of

That does not see those past regrets or evils they have done

Just sees a precious child of God who longs to know His Son

And know that there's forgiveness for the guiltiness they feel

And cleansing from the filthiness in them that's very real

That often keeps them in the path from which they seek escape

While everyday the sex they know in truth is really rape

But life need not to be this way for those who are God's own

If those who claim to be His hands would sow the seed He's sown

Of love through true compassion looking in the eyes of them

That are the windows of the souls of those in need of Him

And share with them there's so much to real love they've yet to see

Real love that looks beyond their faults and dark iniquity

And sees the blood of Jesus that has cleansed them of their sin

And perfect robe of righteousness that makes them whole again

And shares with these poor victims of the devil's sport and play

That by God's most amazing grace their past is wiped away

And if they just accept it and believe what Christ has said

New life will be the life they know with joy and peace instead

Of all the pain they're suffering now that must now meet its end

And be placed on the Lamb of God on Whom we can depend

As Mary placed upon that Lamb so many years ago

So all the Marys of today can have God's love to know

John 8:2-12; Matthew 26:6-14; Mark 16:9

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