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There is a fullness, an abundance of everything

On the branches of trees burdened by chestnuts

Bushes on the roadside black with berries

Orchards have a glut of apples.

The grass is emerald green

Cut to diamond perfection.

The blackbird sings

Trundling along the short green grass

Like a black bowling ball

Stops and stalls

Cocking its head

Listening, for the worms wriggling beneath the soil.

Everything is plentiful

Snails and slugs

Easy pickings for the thrushes and hedgehogs.

Bird tables full of seeds

Feeders full of peanuts

Feeding our feathered friends every need

Ensuring the next generation of


So, we may have to accept that all of this

On our front doorstep, is facing extinction

One by one, species disappearing!

The buzz of the bee

The flap of butterfly wings

It all seems insane to me!

What went wrong?

Will it take long?

Or is this just part of mankind's grand design

To exterminate all of natur's kind.

I cannot say

But one thing I know

We all have a God given, a God driven duty

To care for the whole of Gods creation.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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