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A Touch Can Do So Much

The child was crying loudly,

holding tight her bloody knee.

"I fall down and got a boo boo,

mommy please hold me.

As the Mom went toward her child,

her love was plain to all,

her touch did so much more,

than soothe the knee hurt in the fall.

A touch can do so much,

it's really hard to understand.

The KING OF GLORY lives within,

and touches through our hands.

He heals the brokenhearted

and calms the stormy sea,

we're not reflections but extensions,

to bring life and victory.

The woman was so sad as one by one

her friends passed by,

"She's really being brave," They said,

"we've barely seen her cry. "

She seemed to comfort all who came,

with grace and dignity,

but they didn't see the strengthening hand, of the MAN FROM GALILEE.

The elderly and aged

sit lonely day by day,

until GOD sends someone along,

to visit where they stay,

A handshake and a"How are you?"

does much more than we know.

It lifts their weary spirits

blessing them from head to toe.

A touch can do so much to help

bring life instead of death.

It steadies us in turmoil,

so we can catch our breath.

But there's one thing the touch of God

desires to do for man.

That's place him in the throne room,

before the throne to boldly stand.


8/10/1996. ©

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