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A time such as this

A time such as this for a few wounded soldiers laying on the battle ground. Hearts to become mended so that they are made whole. The closure from maintaining peace in the valley. The loving arms of the LORD holding us up when waves of oppression appear to be overwhelming. The tyrant who has bad intentions so that he may bring a nation down. The mercy of God on high in the heavens dispelling the void of darkness so that we are able to stand strong. Therefore, the spiritual component of courage to boldly face adversity in the face and say we will not back down. We will not become lukewarm in our faith! The victory is the LORD's and we will stand firm in our foundation of faith.

Uncertain times in our country as well as our nation such as this to rise above the ashes to a place of beauty. A place of beauty where the spiritual aspect of hope remains vitally active throughout our families who are united and compassionate for the call of God. A solid footing upon a bright path. Our churches as a place of worship standing strong. The abundant majesty of the LORD's splendor reigning down from on high. The spiritual component of purity which is in a man of great integrity intact. A great deal of assurance in the Love of the LORD who delights in his children who do right day by day.

A time in our country such as this for walls of defiance, tyranny, deception, greed of money, and corruption in our government to be broken down so that God's light shines through the darkness. The hope that comes from knowing who he is from the beginning of time. His passion for us, his purpose for us, his plans for us, and his vision for us.

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