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A Mother's Love

There's a Love that is as vast as the pacific ocean. A Love residing deep

down inside of a mother's nature holding the family up when the hard

times come on strong. A Love that is not jealous nor envious of worldly

things. It is not greedy of corruptible wealth that is here for the moment

and then gone. In her Love she takes in the lost, dismayed, and the heart

that is broken.

In fact, she does not waiver in her convictions she has had from the time

of a young girl. As a young lady she exhibits a Love for God who she adores.

A Love of God because of his matchless majesty as well as his beauty. In the

middle of of the crossroad her Love is still tall enough to be abundantly

amazing. A Love that is pure, honorable, sweet, correcting her children when

they are in the wrong, and of good report.

A mother's Love that is still there when you have lost it all in the heat of the

darkest battle. Lastly she seeks out the good in her children.

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