A Message Of Hope

I have an important message for you today. It is the fact that Jesus Loves YOU. His love is so beautiful. His love is kind. His love is pure and it is unwavering. Do you sometimes experience hurt, betrayal, misfortune, anger, hate or wickedness? Do you sometimes feel unloved, unwanted, unclean or undeserving of good things? If they sound familiar then I'm sure that these experiences come heralding pain. The kind of pain that's so strong, it's overwhelming. The kind of pain that's so loud, it's deafening - so much that you feel lost and alone in your misery, in this cold and terrible world. I have good news for you. When it seems like you are fading away, I want you to know that you're not alone. Even when you're overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness and loneliness, remember that you're never alone. The good news, which I consider the best news is that God is there. He always has been and always will be. He needs you to know that. His love is constantly seeking to heal you. He would bury a thousand cities to find you. He will give nations to keep you. His love is hope. It is the light at the end of that tunnel of despair. His love is peace and His plans for you are true and serene. So even when that pain tries to resurface, always remember this: "God's love is realer and stronger than all the world put together". FIND PEACE IN IT! God bless you. Nari.

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