A God Given Day

Come Lord, come

Into my morning

So I can start this day

In a frame of mind

Which will see darkness slip away

With the light shining

Into a God given day.

Come Lord, come

Into my afternoon

So I can continue this day

Find a quiet place to pray

Your will be done upon my way

Whoever I meet ; whoever I greet

Throughout a God given day.

Come Lord, come

Into my evenings

So I can end this day

With words of goodness to say

To others

As we meet to eat and retreat

To a quiet place

Worshiping Gods grace

Ending a God given day.

Come Lord, come

Into my night

So I can sleep all night

Without disturbance, without fright

To wake up fresh

To encounter You

In all things I say and do

Helping people encounter You

In every God given day.

Hugh K Henderson <><

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