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Words Mean Spiritual Things

It was over 30 years ago, while I was commuting between Seattle and Tacoma, that I first heard Rush Limbaugh say: Words Mean Things. I, and just about everyone else who lives academically, know this line, and believe it to be enjoyably true.

Over the years now, and at every writing thesis in my life, I have lived that line, and vetted it to my fullest: but only after I had added one small, almost invisible word to it. This new and spirited word has made it immeasurably more viable in its ability to ford the tryingest turns in which the soul must rightly cavitate in the oceans of diversity. It was here, in all my personal bids at ‘the hunt for red october’ that this addition made me, in part, some of who I am today.

Credits: Books - Ben Lambert @ ; Smoke: Damon Lam @

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